How to have a budget Christmas

If ever there was a year to have a budget Christmas, this is it. Have you spent the last few Christmas’s spending a small fortune on expensive Santa experiences, garden centre visits, photoshoots, advent calendars, matching PJ’s, Christmas Eve gift boxes, and goodness knows what else? It is very easy to get caught up inContinue reading “How to have a budget Christmas”

How to reduce the amount of stuff this Christmas

Would you like to know how to reduce the amount of stuff you buy this Christmas? Do you have kids who play with the same old things? This makes it tricky to buy them anything. I actually have a child who has unopened gifts from last year! Hard to believe I know but on reflection,Continue reading “How to reduce the amount of stuff this Christmas”

How to keep a four-year-old busy

Do you know how to keep a four-year-old busy? I’m very lucky to have not one four-year-old in my life, but two of them. What’s worse is that they aren’t even four yet, however, they think and act like they are already! In a departure from my regular money-saving posts, I thought today I wouldContinue reading “How to keep a four-year-old busy”