Can I take my new baby to work?

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Can I take my new baby to work? Sounds like a simple enough question. With our complex maternity leave laws (and some sneaky bosses) it’s important to understand where you stand with this.

January 8th is Show & Tell at Work Day. And what better thing to take to work to show and tell than a new baby :-). Your friends and colleagues will love seeing the fruits of your nine months of growing. They will be eager for cuddles and birth horror stories.

For me, it was the first time I had ventured out without my support network so it was terrifying!

Will taking my new baby to work affect maternity leave?

Let’s assume a world without Covid and restrictions. Provided your employer allows it, there is no reason why you can’t bring your new baby to work.

Provided you are still within your official maternity leave period, then bringing the baby to work does not affect your maternity leave or pay entitlements.

Remember that minimum maternity leave of two weeks is required. If you work in an office that increases to four weeks.

Is it classed as Keeping in Touch Days?

Keeping in Touch days (KIT) should always be agreed upfront between you and your boss. This includes what tasks you will perform and how much you will be paid for your time.

Spending an hour showing off your new baby to work colleagues can’t be deemed a KIT day. This time would only be the case if you have agreed to upfront. For example, you might have to attend a meeting for a few hours while you are there.

Remember that your KIT days are maxed out at ten days. Keep an eye on your records and make sure your boss isn’t taking these visits off your KIT day balance.

Can I be paid for this time?

Just popping in to work to show off your new baby can’t be classed as working or KIT days – unless your maternity leave has officially ended.

If you are being expected to work then you should ask to be paid appropriately.

Can they make me do any work?

Your employer is entitled to make reasonable contact with you during maternity leave to keep you up to date with what is going on in the office. If popping in to show the baby off or meet your friends for lunch is more than what you would deem reasonable contact then make sure you bring it up.

If you feel like you are being asked to work during your visit you should ask your boss to agree to some Keeping in Touch days so that you can complete the work they need doing and you will be paid for it.

Remember that KIT days are an important part of your overall maternity leave budget strategy. For more tips on maximising your maternity leave (without running out of money), download my FREE planner and budget calculator today.

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