What to buy for difficult people

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What to buy for difficult people

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I thought I had made good progress until Amazon kindly cancelled all of my Black Friday orders. Sadly, they included gifts for the ‘difficult people’ in my life.

As an ‘everything happens for a reason’ kind of girl I thought I would take it as a sign that I had maybe bought too much for my kids already and I should re-assess the list before I bought them anything else.

Second hand Items

One of the items which I hadn’t bought was my eBay/secondhand/charity shop bargain. I take this category as meaning to not buy something new. Instead, save something else from landfill and help a charity or another parent out by buying their second-hand items.

I had already bought the girls some Sylvanian Families stuff earlier in the year in our local charity shop for an absolute bargain. They really loved what I bought so that got me to thinking about getting some more for Christmas and their Birthday in a few weeks.

For the last 6 months, I have been religiously checking eBay and our charity shops but hadn’t found anything which was up to standard. Then it dawned on me that my niece had a lot of Sylvanian Families figurines and buildings so I offered to buy these instead. So we have saved something from landfill, saved buying something new, saved money and my niece has some cash in her purse to go and buy what she wants now she has outgrown these toys. Everyone is a winner.

Gifts for ‘difficult’ people

What do you buy for the person who has everything? These are your tricky customers who already have a lot of stuff or you just don’t know what to buy them.

Gifts for the lady who has everything

Last year I treated myself to a Glossybox beauty subscription box. At a little over £10 a month I thought this was far less than what I would ordinarily spend in one session in Boots on my lunch break.

Each month you get 5 full size products which are always worth more than £10. I’ve had all sorts this year from crazy watermelon face masks to £20 Huda lip glosses.

Anything I don’t like I bundle up and stick on eBay and normally get my money back!

This month they have a special offer where you can get your first box for £9 using the code GLOSSY. In addition if you go via the Topcashback site you can get £31 cashback for a 12 month subcription.

You can get even more money back if you complete their surveys each month to review the products.

Definitely one for the lady who has everything.

Gifts for kids who have everything

If you are looking for subscriptions for kids you can’t go past the National Geographic Kids magazine – ok its a little pricey but it is definitely tech free and you get a gift which stretches the year out.

The goods news is that you can save 5% off the subscription if you shop via Topcashback first.

Gifts for men who have everything​

Now I don’t know about you but I find the men in my life the most difficult people to shop for. To make matters worse they all have birthdays in December and January as well! They are not the sorts who wear shirts and ties or aftershave so that always leaves me struggling to find something. This year I am sticking with the subscription theme and going for an Oddballs underwear subscription. For £10 a month they will get a new pair of pants and socks delivered straight through the post. No more excuses for well you know!

Don’t forget about Topcashback as your first stopping off point where you can get 6.6% cashback on an Oddballs subscription.

If you are looking for other gift ideas, take our a look at our Christmas on a Budget feature.

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