Sea Animal Figures Animal Toys 38PCS


  • Realistic sea animal figures made of vinyl plastic are safe for a child to play, the sea animal learning toys set contain 36 pack marine animal and 2 pack corals


This pack of 38 sea animals is the perfect accompaniment to the book:

There Are 101 Sea Creatures in This Book

Help young children learn about sea animals with these realistic looking figurines.

Why buy these?

  • safe to use in the bath or sensory bins
  • use for matching with our exclusive 3 part cards
  • use for matching on many pages in There Are 101 Sea Creatures in this book
  • these animals are realistic looking and a large variety of animals are provided (note there are no small fish as this pack focuses on other sea animals including whales, dolphins, and sharks.)
  • Tried and tested from by our family for yours

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