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Amazon Subscribe and Save

Amazon Subscribe and Save is an invaluable tool for new mums.

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“What do you mean you get your nappies from Amazon Subscribe and Save? Surely that is an expensive way to buy them?”

If I had a pound for every time I had to explain how I afforded to put Pampers nappies on my twins I would be sat on a beach now drinking a lovely cocktail.

Using the Amazon Subscribe and Save Service gave me great comfort as a new Mum that I could have pretty much anything I needed for the babies. Unfortunately they do not have sleep on Subscribe & Save delivered to my door at a reasonable price either on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

Subscribing to nappies alone is not going to save you a tonne of money. Look at the bigger picture and subscribe to a number of items which you would have bought anyway. 5 or more items with your nappy subscription gets 15% off these items and 20% off the cost of nappies.

Buying Brand name nappies using Subscribe and Save

One thing you do not want to ever run out of is nappies, from a baby’s perspective this is like an adult running out of toilet paper.

Amazon have all the top brands in a number of sizes. I do not recommend ‘stocking up’ on too many nappies. It will take a while to find a brand and fit which works for your baby. The brand which worked for my babies may not work for yours.

Buying Brand name wipes using Subscribe and Save

After nappies these are the next most important thing for your baby. Again Amazon have a huge range on Subscribe & Save offers, including Water Wipes and various reusable wipes.

Like nappies, wipes are not a great thing to buy too many of at the start. Your baby’s skin may not agree with certain types. It maybe trial and error before you find some which works.

Baby toiletries

Like nappies and wipes every baby is different when it comes to bath items. What worked for my children may not work for yours.

A great range to start with is Childs Farm which is an organic range suitable for sensitive skin. An added bonus is it smells amazing. A lot of the range is available on Subscribe and Save and also as a one off purchase.

Washing powder

You will soon realise that you spend a lot of time soaking clothes, washing clothes, getting them dry, and putting them away. Running out of washing powder is not a great experience as I soon learned it did not take long to get behind in the washing if I missed a day due to no powder!

Non Bio powder is great for baby and toddler skin, we are still using it even though my twins are nearly four.

The Amazon Presto range do a great non bio powder, its a great price and you do not need a lot to get your clothes clean (remember the mantra that spending more does not guarantee you cleaner clothes).

Personal Care

As a Mum it is really easy to forget about yourself and push yourself way way down the priority list, especially when allocating money out of your budget. My advice is to try and do something for yourself everyday. It really does help and does not need to cost a lot.

What does that have to do with Amazon Subscribe & Save you say? Put your favourite shower gel, nail varnish, perfume, or shampoo on your list which means you will never run short.


It sounds silly but Amazon do a great range of coffee from coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee and coffee pods all of which can be bought at a discount on Subscribe & Save.

In those bleary eyed new born days you do not want to run out of coffee.

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