Shopping on a budget for your baby

Budget shopping is one of my all-time favourite things to do. Even though my love of physically standing in a queue has disappeared over the years, I still love a bargain. With the right plan, you can shop on a budget for your baby. Read our guides below for all of the insight you could ever need.

At the end of the first month you will have:

  • a pile of clothes which are too small
  • a pile of nappies which aren’t quite right
  • countless creams and lotions which don’t agree with your baby’s’ skin
  • countless items of equipment which you were told to buy at the shop which you don’t really need

Shopping in a rush is never good. It is like shopping on an empty stomach. It is easy to stay in control of your budget by following the top tips:

  • have a budget which you can afford
  • have a plan – this helps you to only buy what you really need
  • don’t assume that second hand means second best.

In the sections below are useful guides which will help you to shop on a budget for your baby.

Shopping on a budget for your baby
Setting up The Baby’s Room

This is our comprehensive guide for Shopping on a budget for your baby, and planning for a safe and stylish bedroom. You can make some serious budget savings by having a simple plan which will guide you through what can be shopped for on a budget and what you are going to need to spend money on.

Shopping on a budget for your baby

Have you thought about trying the Amazon Subscribe & Save service? It is a convenient way to get some shopping on a budget for your baby.

This is a great way to get nappies like Pampers at a discount price. Babies have sensitive skin and it is important to the right nappies.

In the early baby days, you will probably want to avoid the shops at all costs. Having a regular delivery (many of which you can get the next day) of nappies, washing powder, baby toiletries, wipes, self-care items, and importantly coffee will be invaluable.

Shopping on a budget for your baby
Buying for A Toddler

Babies grow and develop at different rates but one thing is for certain, you will be needing to look for the next stage of equipment within the first 12 months.

Remember the process is the same for saving money, whether you are buying for a baby or toddler.

Shopping on a budget for your baby
Cashback Sites

Someone introduced me to cashback sites by telling me “its free money!”.

Shopping on a budget for your baby is made even easier with cashback sites.

Provided you are still getting the best deal overall cashback sites are a great way to reduce the cost of your online purchase.

I personally use TopCashback for no other reason than that is what was recommended to me all those years ago.

Although the cashback is not instant and it takes a while to build up, its always a nice little surprise at Christmas that you may have forgotten about.

Shopping on a budget for your baby
Buying Second Hand

Any money-saving Mummy knows that the key to saving money on baby and toddler items is to buy second hand.

Shopping on a budget for your baby
Getting Rid of Unwanted Items

Once you hit the 12 week mark of your baby’s life you will soon realise the mountain of items they have grown out of doubles in size every other day.

The outgrown pile will grow quicker than you can get rid of it. By keeping on top of storing, passing on, and selling you can keep it under control.

Shopping on a budget for your baby
We need how many clothes?

Since our eldest was born I have always been drawn into having loads of clothes for him and his sisters. I could never fully grasp how much I needed to buy.

My home office is always a mountain of outgrown clothes which often still have the tags on them (because I did not have a plan to work to when I bought them) as I look to donate or sell them on.

My goal for Winter 2020 is to buy all three of them much less. But how much less do they need?

I stumbled onto this really helpful list which I found from The Decluttering School which I have adapted for our family.

There is no right or wrong answer to this, everyone has a different laundry schedule, ability to get things dried and different activities which they do.

Keep an eye out for my Winter Shopping post I plan to write in a month or so. Sign up for updates below so you are the first to read it.

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