Christmas Shopping on a budget for a primary school child

Shopping on a budget for a primary school child is simple with our gift guide. With something for every budget in mind, your child will not be bored (and your house will not be cluttered) with these gifts.

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1. Something to read

My son has an amazing sense of humour, he loves David Walliams on the TV and I have followed this interest to try and get him to read a ‘chapter book’ with minimal fuss. So far so good and we have all had a good laugh along the way.

This year I am thinking about subscribing to National Geographic kids for him (slightly over my normal budget but I am hoping the monthly delivery will be a useful resource for school work).

World Worst ParentsJacqueline Wilson Collection
National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia: The Treehouse Storey Books 1 – 9 Collection Set

2. Something to wear –

If you have sports mad children and cannot bare to part with the ridiculous amounts of money that a current season kit costs, have a look at eBay or MandMDirect – these are my go to places for sports branded clothing.

3. Middle Size present- approximate spend £15-£30

For me this is the perfect brief for an open ended toy and as the name suggests the possibilities are absolutely endless.

Less is more at this age and you will start to think “but this isn’t much?” – I can promise you from experience that the less toys they have to chose from, the more they will play with what they have and tidy up time will be much easier as the number of toys in circulation is reduced.

The point of an open ended toy is that your child will get years of enjoyment from it. They should not be getting bored with it anytime soon. For me these toys are an investment in the next 6-12 months because you should not need to replace them or buy anything else for a few months as your child will naturally start to play longer with them and extend the amount of playtime they get.

Some great examples of open ended toys which are suitable for this age group include action cameras, a globe, telescope and craft kits.

Combine these toys with a weekly toy rotation and you will see the financial benefits of not buying toys so often.

Sports Action CameraSlime Kit

Den Building MaterialsJewellery Making Kit
Always supervise children under 3 with toys

4. Something from the Santa list

This is where it starts to get expensive… Try to limit your gifts to one thing only from this category. Have in your mind if you bought nothing else that this would be the ‘wow’ present.

Stunt ScooterTelescope
Lego Technic
Nail Varnish Gift Set
Kids FitbitCath Kidston Rucksack

5. Something they need – approximate spend £10-£50

A bit like ‘something to wear’ this is where you get to be your future money friend and buy something which you are going to probably buy anyway. Don’t spend the money twice if you don’t have to!

6. A handmade gift

This is your opportunity to make something yourself or support an independent business. There is a huge variety of independent businesses out there selling handmade clothes, toys, and decorative items. I love handmade gifts which will last; something like a poster with a name on it is perfect.

7. eBay/charity shop bargain

This could be anything. I recently bought my son a scooter in our local charity shop for £4.50 and the twins had a huge box of Sylvanian Families for £15. You wouldn’t have known any of it was pre loved.

8. Christmas stockings – approximate spend £15

Our eldest has just discovered ‘smellies’, his stocking will be full of bargains from Savers and some chocolates. That’s it. Don’t buy anything else.