Christmas Shopping on a budget for babies and toddlers

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Christmas shopping on a budget for babies and toddlers is actually really easy. They don’t need a lot of stuff and you don’t have the added pressure from them.

  1. Something to read – approximate spend £5

Go for sturdy board books which can withstand a baby or toddler’s firm grip. These are some of my children’s favourites (and they refuse to let me get rid of them even though they are 4 and 8). To be honest I don’t blame them, some of these were my favourites too.

The Very Hungry CaterpillarSpot Goes to the Farm

2. Something to wear – approximate spend £15-20

Try to select something which is useful and is going to last a while. An expensive outfit is going to look lovely in the photos on Christmas Day but it does have a limited life. Be your future money saving friend and buy them something which you would have bought anyway; some pyjamas in the next size, a dressing gown, some wellies in the next size or some everyday clothes in the next size. Remember at this age they will appreciate the wrapping paper a lot more than they will the contents.

PyjamasDressing Gown

3. Middle Size present- approximate spend £15-£20

For me this is the perfect brief for an open ended toy and as the name suggests the possibilities are absolutely endless.

The point of an open ended toy is that your child will get years of enjoyment from it. They should not be getting bored with it anytime soon.

Some great example of open ended toys which are suitable for this age group include Duplo, plastic animals (and books to go with them), magnetic tiles, wooden blocks, stacking cups, and shape sorters. Honestly the list is absolutely endless. You will see something very similar on all of these toys; there is not a flashy light or noisy button to be found.

DuploWow Toys
Magnetic TilesWooden Blocks
Stacking CupsShape Sorter
Always supervise children under 3 with toys

4. Something from the Santa list

I would hope that most babies and toddlers have no clue about having a Santa list. I would suggest either putting another £20 in the bank for them or selecting another open ended toy from the list above. Remember they will not know and will not mind that they didn’t get a tonne of presents!

5. Something they need – approximate spend £10-£120

A bit like ‘something to wear’ this is where you get to be your future money friend and buy something which you are going to probably buy anyway. Don’t spend the money twice if you don’t have to!

Toddler Plate/Cup/BowlHigh Chair
ScooterBike Helmet

6. A handmade gift

This is your opportunity to make something yourself or support an independent business. There is a huge variety of independent businesses out there selling handmade clothes, toys, and decorative items. I love handmade gifts which will last; something like a poster with a name on it is perfect.

7. eBay/charity shop bargain

This could be anything. I recently bought my son a scooter in our local charity shop for £4.50. You are only limited by your imagination.

8. Christmas stockings – approximate spend £15

This is yet another area where social media has sent people into over drive at Christmas. Keep it simple and small. A bath toy, a small toy and maybe another book. That’s it. Don’t buy anything else.